Monday, January 3, 2011

1/365 1st and 2nd January 2011

The first photo is the Christmas pudding being lit before eating with Mum and Dad to complete the first meal of the year that we shared with them. The second is of my kids commenting unenthusiastically about me taking photos again.
(taken with my iphone)

Already into the new year and I am late beginning this photo collage. I had a look at the previous one, Mrs_Banjer's EdTech 365/2010, and believe that I did a bit better than the year before that. I actually remembered to return and upload photos every so often.

The lessons I have learned about this task:

1. Do not link to photos in flickr, if you let your pro account lapse the images are not displayed which is a pain. When I paid the subscription some of the images remained unavailable.

2. Remember to resize images or adjust the camera settings so it doesn't eat into internet quota.

3. Be realistic, I am usually pretty consistent through the holidays but during term time work and study take over. Even though it is a pretty good distraction and useful for procrastination the most attention is paid during the holiday periods.

That said, I am going to upload a couple of photos I have taken with my birthday present below, a new camera bought in the sales at Robina with my ebuddy @jeni_wren.

My husband and I went for a drive yesterday to get out of the house. I wanted to try the panorama feature of my camera out and the results are pretty good I think! Love the display quality when I click on the image. These are taken at West End and then at South Bank, Brisbane.

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